Food investments

At Savola, we have been investing in our regional food sector since 1979. Through our company Savola Foods, we now own a broad portfolio of B2C (business to consumer) brands marketed across 30 countries.

Our Core Divisions

Each of our brands has its own success story, and Savola Foods is one of the success stories of Savola as a group. From humble origins selling edible oil in our local Saudi market, it has grown to be a major regional player. We have maintained the traditional focus on consumer staples such as edible oil, sugar, pasta and ghee, but now plan to expand into higher-value product categories.

Managed investments aside, we also hold stakes in a large food-sector company, which is Almarai. Almarai: a listed joint stock company in which we own a 34.52% stake. 

Savola Foods

Alongside Savola Retail, Savola Foods is one of our two flagship companies whose role is to manage our investments in our core business sectors

Financial Investments

Savola brands may have a high profile in the region, but our investors know that this is only one part of the picture. We also use the expertise we have built up over the past 30 years to strategically invest in food-sector companies. And this is why: stakes in growing companies give us greater insights into the industry and safeguard our profits by diversifying risk.

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