Our food products include investments in operations and products with distinctive and well-known brand names throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Savola Foods Company is a leading company in basic packaged consumer goods, with branded products marketed in more than 50 countries. We are proud that most of these brands are leaders in the categories and markets in which they operate. We continue to build and develop our product portfolio by expanding into value-added products and diversifying our investment portfolio. We also achieve profits through our long-term strategic investments. Additionally, we are the largest shareholder in Almarai, a leading food manufacturing and distribution company in the Middle East, with a stake of 34.52% of the company's capital. In 2018, we acquired the majority shares by (51%) in Al-Kabeer Group, and in October 2021, and Bayara Holding Limited, confirming our efforts to invest in leading companies in the food sector.

Savola Foods Company

Savola Foods Company is a key entity under Savola Group that plays a pivotal role in the group’s investments and operations. It is entrusted with the manufacturing and promotion of our brand portfolio and extensive range of products across more than 50 countries in the MENA region. This is instrumental in advancing the group’s primary objectives and cementing its position as a leader in the food and retail industry.


Amid a challenging global economic environment, Savola Foods Company (SFC) demonstrated a strong financial performance, while strategically expanding its brand portfolio through the introduction of new products and enhancements of existing ones. Moreover, SFC has continued to execute various initiatives under its "4 Pillar Strategy of Transformation" that focuses on strengthening its core operations, expanding to new categories, investing in early-stage regional companies, and transforming through digital and offline disruption. These initiatives reflect SFC's firm commitment to sustained growth and adaptation to evolving market dynamics.


Building on the success of our efforts to date, continues to experience substantial expansion of its brands throughout regional territories, with particularly noteworthy growth observed in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. In 2022, SFC achieved notable success that was reflected in our sales volumes, edible Oil & Fats recorded a substantial 1.8 million tons in sales volume, Sugar reached 1.35 million tons, Pasta accounted for 0.2 million tons, and other categories collectively contributed 0.03 million tons to the overall sales volume.



Since 1979, Savola's brands have consistently achieved market leadership in the MENA region, earning prominent placement on supermarket shelves. Driven by innovation and commitment to market expansion, SFC introduced 25 new products across key markets, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Turkey, and Sudan, spanning the oils, ghee, and bakery categories.


Savola Foods Company (SFC) further strengthened its position by acquiring bakery assets in Egypt, enabling diversification into bakery snacks, and laying the groundwork for future distribution of items such as nuts, spices, and pulses in the region. To further diversify its portfolio, SFC launched new high-protein, KETO, and low-calorie snacks as part of its strategy to expand into healthy product categories. In addition to these initiatives, SFC introduced 11 new products within its Business-to-Business (B2B) segment. Simultaneously, it established "Savola Professional" an exclusive platform for B2B initiatives across various markets.


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Savola's brands have established a strong presence in the region, as the group has demonstrated over the past four decades the importance of leveraging its expertise to invest strategically in growing food sector companies. This approach not only provides valuable insights and understanding of the market, but also protects our profits by diversifying our investments and mitigating potential risks associated with relying on just one industry.

As part of our portfolio, Savola Group holds a 34.52% stake in Almarai, the world's largest vertically integrated dairy business. This publicly listed company offers a wide range of products in fresh yogurt, cheese, juice, baked goods, and poultry categories, all of which are experiencing rapid growth.

Additionally, in 2018, Savola Group acquired a 51% stake in Al-Kabeer Group, one of the region's largest frozen food manufacturers and distributors. In October 2021, it also acquired Bayara Company Holding Ltd, a packaged foods company offering a wide range of nuts, spices, dried fruits, pulses, and snacks with a distribution network spanning over 30 countries in the Middle East and Africa.


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