About Savola

We are Savola: the leading strategic investment holding group for the food and retail sectors in the MENA(Middle East, North Africa) region.

Since 1979, we have generated profits for our shareholders and investors through our diverse portfolio of managed and non-managed assets. Through companies under our two entities, Savola Foods and Savola Retail, we now operate almost 205 grocery stores and produce everyday household staples loved by consumers in 50 countries. Meanwhile, non-managed investments in complementary fields help to diversify our risk and generate higher returns.


What we stand for

Balanced Approach

"We believe in doing business ‘The Balanced Way.’ This means measuring our success in terms of our positive impact on society – and not just through our profit margins. Over nearly four decades, we have made Corporate Social Responsibility and ethical principles the fundamental pillars of our business model. We do everything we can to create a fair and supportive workplace, encourage positive social change and protect the environment for the next generation."

Adding Value to Investors & Stakeholders

"We believe in adding value for investors and shareholders. Our stakeholders trust Savola with their capital because of our strong track record of generating growth. From humble beginnings, we have grown into a multinational company with a presence in over 50 countries. We own a diverse and profitable portfolio including market-leading brands and Saudi Arabia’s leading supermarket chain."

Value Built on Values

"We believe that the value we add should be built on values – the ethical principles on which Savola was founded. From the outset, we have promoted ethical values and behavior. We embrace these principles as a group, within our companies and even as individuals."


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