A premium brand made from 100% durum wheat. With innovative packaging and a unique range for kids, Italiano is Egypt’s most innovative pasta brand. Italiano was launched in 2014 in 12 different shapes to cater to all consumer needs, with two unique shapes for the Egyptian market. Italiano was the first Egyptian brand to have a stand-up resealable pack as well as distinctive colors for each of the 12 shapes, making it easier for consumers to pick their preferred one.

In January 2016, Italiano launched the first ever kids’ pasta range in animal shapes, further establishing its status as Egypt’s most innovative pasta brand.


  • 2014

    Italiano is launched in Egypt in May.

  • 2015

    Italiano launches a MEGA consumer promotion whereby consumers had the chance to win MEGA gifts such as diamonds. The promo enabled the brand to reach new households and build loyalty with consumers.

  • 2016

    Italiano extends its range with a new shape aimed at kids. The new shapes in the form of farm animals immediately became a success and helped the brand reach new heights in terms of sales as well as consumer affinity with adults and kids alike.


There are more more than 600 different shapes of pasta produced throughout the world.
Pasta = happiness! The carbohydrates in pasta increase the body’s production of serotonin, the trigger for feelings of well-being.

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