The Savola Group, through its subsidiary Savola Foods Company, acquired Bayara Holding Limited in October 2021. Bayara joins the list of the strong Savola brands in the food sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region. With nearly three decades of operations, Bayara is a leading packaged foods company based in the United Arab Emirates offering a wide range of nuts, spices, dried fruits, pulses and snacks with a distribution network spanning across Saudi Arabia, the UAE and more than thirty other countries across the Middle East and Africa.

The acquisition reinforces Savola’s growth strategy focused on expansion into high growth, value-added food categories with propositions directed towards younger population.


  • 1992

    Bayara was established in the UAE in 1992 as Gyma Food Industries, selling healthy snacks including raw and roasted nuts, dates, seeds, dried fruits, and sweets, along with cooking ingredients such as herbs, spices and legumes.
  • 2008

    Moved facilities from Jebel Ali to a 6,000 sqm facility in Dubai Investment Park in Dubai, UAE
  • 2013

    Gyma Food Industries rebranded itself using Bayara as a trademark and a brand name for the company. Expanded Dubai Investment Park facilities from 6,000 sqm to 12,000 sqm.
  • 2017

    Bayara entered the Saudi Arabian market in 2017, strengthening its footprint in the region’s biggest market.
  • 2020

    Opened its first boutique store in Dubai called “Kamali”
  • 2021

    The Savola Group, through its subsidiary Savola Foods Company, fully acquired Bayara Holdings Limited from Levant Capital and the other shareholders in an all cash deal amounting to $260 million, equivalent to approximately 975 million Saudi Riyals. This acquisition is a step towards realizing the Savola Foods’ strategy to focus on value added growth and expansion opportunities in food categories, targeting younger population.

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