At Savola, strategic investment is our specialty, and we know that expertise and experience are what counts. We invest in our core sectors and region (food and retail in the Middle East, North Africa) on the basis of a track record dating back to 1979. This specialized approach means that we can invest our capital effectively and generate maximum profits for investors and shareholders.



Our food products include investments in operations and products with distinctive and well-known brand names throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Savola Foods Company is a leading company in basic packaged consumer goods, with branded products marketed in more than 50 countries.


Savola Group strategically focuses its investments on two main sectors - food and retail. In the retail sector, Savola Group owns Panda Retail Company which is one of the main retail chain businesses in the Middle East. Additionally, we hold a substantial 49% stake in Herfy Food Services Company, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading fast-food brands.



Aside from our managed investments in the food and retail sectors, we also pursue capital growth through our portfolio of non-managed investments. As of 2015, the largest Savola investments were Almarai (in which we own a 34.52% stake), Herfy Food Services Company (49%) and Kinan International Company for Real Estate Development (29.9%).

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