Panda Retail Company

Panda Retail Company is a key component of Savola's retail investments and stands as one of the largest entities in this sector. It owns and manages a chain of over 185 modern retail stores across Saudi Arabia, serving over 90 million customers annually in both Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Panda takes pride in its rich history, market share, and expansive geographical presence throughout the Kingdom.

Savola's acquisition of Panda Retail Company in 1998 brought about comprehensive changes to its business model. The first significant step involved rebranding the Azizia and Panda markets under the unified Panda brand to increase name recognition. This transformation quickly became synonymous with the introduction of a new store format in 2004, “Hyper Panda.”

Panda Retail Company maintains its strategic focus on leading the hypermarket and supermarket sectors by continuously enhancing its market share despite challenges. The company is dedicated to improving the consumer experience through its customer experience program, enhancing branch appearances, and ensuring product availability on shelves using advanced technological systems for maximum customer satisfaction.

At Savola, we greatly value Panda Retail Company's remarkable achievements and continuous growth in the retail market, all while focusing and committing to strong ethical values. Furthermore, Panda actively contributes to the communities it operates in through initiatives covering areas such as health in its "Be Healthy" initiative, charity in its "Leave the Change for Them" initiative, and the environment in its "Friend of the Environment" initiative.








In addition to the investments that Savola Group manages, it holds a 49% stake in Herfy Food Services Company, one of Saudi Arabia's leading fast-food brands that operates a network of pastry shops and meat processing facilities within the Kingdom, it also expanded internationally with branches in Kuwait, Bangladesh, and Nigeria.

Savola Group's decision to invest in Herfy comes from its strategic approach to diversify its business portfolio beyond its existing operations and expand its presence in both the retail and food sectors.




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