Panda Retail Company

Panda Retail Company is the main company within Savola's investments in the retail sector. It is a leading company and one of the largest in this sector, owning and managing a chain of modern retail stores in Saudi Arabia, with 187 commercial markets that serve more than 90 million customers annually in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Panda takes pride in its distinguished history in this field, its acquisition of a leading market share, and its achievement of a large geographical spread throughout the Kingdom.

Savola acquired Panda Retail Company in 1998 and immediately made comprehensive changes to its business model. The first step was to unify the Azizia and Panda markets under the Panda brand to ensure increased name recognition. This change quickly became a hallmark of this chain, with the introduction of a new format of stores: Hyper Panda (2004).

At Savola, we are proud of the strong performance and continuous growth achieved by Panda Retail Company. We are also proud that it achieves these accomplishments in a manner that reflects its strong ethical values. We are pleased that Panda makes valuable contributions to the communities in which it operates through initiatives that cover important areas such as health (the "Be Healthy" initiative), charity (the " Leave the Change for Them" initiative), and the environment (the " Friend of the Environment" initiative).

Panda Retail Company strategically focuses on maintaining its leadership in the hypermarket and supermarket sectors in terms of market share, despite various challenges. Panda works hard through its customer experience program to improve the consumer experience, enhance the overall appearance of branches, and ensure the availability of all products that consumers need on shelves through technological work systems to ensure customer satisfaction and quality growth.





Aside from Managed investments, Savola Group is the largest shareholder in Herfy Food Services Company with a 49% holding. Herfy is one of the leading restaurant businesses in Saudi Arabia, which also operates an industrial bakery and a meat processing business.



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