Yudum is leading sunflower oil brand with 23% market share. To reach this position, Yudum has successfully broadcast its commitment to “lightness” as consumer preference for more easily-digestible oils has grown. The brand has taken its promise of “lightness” a step further: more than 20 sunflower advertisements to date have featured the metaphor of a flying human being or an object. These campaigns serve to reinforce Yudum’s entertaining, friendly and warm brand image while gaining a place among the industry’s most memorable advertisements.

Yudum’s strategy has been to create value-added products for cooking, health, and flavor. Two new products launched in 2015 illustrate this strategy: Yudum Omega 3, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, and Kızartma Ustası, an oil with a tolerance of high temperatures.

You can view all Yudum commercials at https://www.youtube.com/yudumgida


  • Yudum


    With the growing popularity in Turkey of lighter, more easily-digestible liquid oils vs. butter, margarine and other solid oils, Yudum set out in with a major investment in both olive oil and sunflower oil. The investment enabled the first sunflower oil production at Yudum Gıda factory.

  • 1985

    The Yudum brand is born. It acquired an 8% market share in the sunflower oil market in just one year and remains the category leader.

  • 2015

    Two new products are launched:
    Yudum Omega 3, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and convenient for any method of cooking and Kızartma Ustası, an oil with a tolerance of high temperatures, which reduces absorbency by fried foods. Kızartma Ustası made a significant difference in its category thanks to its gold-tinted bottle that protects the product from the sun’s rays. 

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