Al-Osra is Savola’s mother brand for the retail sugar market in Saudi Arabia. As the country’s leading sugar brand, Al-Osra has developed a successful positioning based on its pure qualities. Al Osra introduced the first and only stand-up sugar pack to the sugar market, an innovation that makes the product more visible and easier to use. Recipes on the pack help to position Al Osra as the brand that helps consumers to create and try new ideas in the kitchen. Al-Osra’s communication strategy plus a commitment to innovation have helped it achieve the highest platform differentiation for Al-Osra in the category.


  • Al-Osra


    Savola entered the retail sugar market with Al-Osra, available in coarse and fine sugar formats, followed by other brands that served other segments of the market. At that time, Al-Osra brand communication was built on the “PURITY” platform, which was one of the key choice drivers in the sugar category by that time. At a later stage, this functional benefit became very hard to own due to the enhancement of other brands offering serving similar levels of purity.

  • 2006

    The team added “Natural” to its marketing communications as a second functional benefit (Purity & Natural) to help differentiate Al-Osra from competitor brands.

  • 2011

    A TV campaign is launched with 360 support to celebrate the 10 anniversary of Al-Osra.

  • 2016

    After pausing brand communications for more than three years, Al-Osra needed to adapt to the ever-changing landscape and maintain its position in the market. The brand was relaunched with an entirely new identity, highlighting Al-Osra’s core essences of “PURITY.” This purity was represented as resembling that of diamonds, communicated by the message: “Al Osra …the Purest Carat Sugar.” You can watch the clever and creative TV commercial here:

  • 2016

    A totally new campaign was launched to exploit the brand’s emotional benefits. It positioned Al-Osra as “the ultimate partner that unleashes your creativity and helps you work wonders with simple ingredients.” To fit the new positioning, Al-Osra’s packaging was updated and a recipe section was added on the pack, and updated on bi-monthly basis. “Al Osra” is pleased to introduce the first and only stand-up pack to the sugar market. This feature will not only increase visibility and distinguish the Savola sugar brand on the shelf but will also make the product much easier to store.

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