Panda is a grocery store chain known and loved by 106 million customers in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. With a history dating back to 1978, it is a leading player in the retail sector. Panda Retail Company is operated under Savola Retail: one of Savola’s main entities.

Savola merged with Al-Aziza Panda United Company in 1998 and immediately revolutionized its business model. Al Azizia and Panda stores were united under the Panda brand to improve name recognition, and the new “Always Fresh… Always for Less” slogan outlined a clear differentiating factor for customers. After that, change became the norm for the chain as profits were reinvested in new store format: hypermarkets under the HyperPanda brand (2004). Savola Retail opened two Panda distribution centers and expanded the business to two new countries between 1998 and 2015.

We are immensely proud of this strong performance and sustained growth. And we are also proud that this has been achieved in a way that reflects Savola’s strong ethical ethos. Through initiatives covering vital topics such as health (“Be Healthy”), charitable giving (“Leave the Change for Them”) and the environment (“Friend of the Environment”), we believe Panda is making an invaluable contribution to the societies in which it operates.

Panda has established an operating company and a solid brand simultaneously. Panda Retail Company has created brand perception by paving the way through several activities to meet customer needs. As an example, Panda was the first retailer to introduce weekly leaflet for its offer and to distribute it “door to door” in all regions operates in. 



  • 1978

    Panda Retail Established
  • 1998

    Merged with Savola 
  • 1999

    Change Brand Positioning & Create new strong brand Image
  • 2004

    Launching of Panda Private Label
  • 2004

    Opening first Saudi hyper market under the brand name HyperPanda
  • 2007

    Built Main Distribution Center in Central province
  • 2014

    Executed Enterprise Resource Planning Program
  • 2014

    Launch third format Pandati
  • 2015

    Opening of Panda in Egypt
  • 2015

    Built 2nd Distribution Center in West province
  • 2016

    Continue serving around 134 million customers  through Panda’s Hypermarkets and Supermarket.
  • 2017

    Launch a strategy and transformation plan to improve the performance  of Panda.
  • 2018

    Enhancing performance in the current geographical areas and improving its ability to meet the changing needs of clients in light of the transformation strategy.
  • 2019

    Achieved over 106+ million sales transactions through Panda chain of Hypermarkets and Supermarkets

Panda's awards

"Brand Excellence in Retail award" by CMO in Asia 2015.
"Sustainable Marketing Excellence award" by CMO in Asia 2015.
"Best Use of Social Media in Marketing award" by CMO in Asia 2015.
"Top 100 Brand" in Saudi Arabia by Watan newspaper in Riyadh 2015.
"Best Retail Company" by Arabian Business in Riyadh 2015.
Honored by king Salman bin Abdulaziz in Salam Castel in Jeddah 2015, for Panda supports in Makkah Building.
"Best Food Market Award" for the best food retail market in Arab word in 2014
"Best Employer in Middle east & North of Africa region" 2014, by Aon Hewitt.
"Brand Excellence in Retail award" by CMO in Asia 2014.
"Best Saudi working environment" ranked 6th in Eqtisadia newspaper list in 2014.
"Global Brand Excellence Award"2013 generated by the word conference of the brand.
"Asian Leadership Award" for the retail sector in 2013 granted by ET NOW international.
"Best Employer in Middle east & North of Africa region" 2013, by Aon Hewitt.
"Asia’s Best Employer Awards", by Company Consultant CMO – Singapore 2013
"Saudi Arabia award for social responsibility", as the best company in the Kingdom in the field of social entrepreneurship - granted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jeddah.
Achieved the second ranking for "best social responsibility initiatives" for "my environment my friend " Project in World Retail Congress 2013 - Paris
"Best 100 brands popular Saudi" - Al-Watan newspaper in collaboration with Ipsos Global
"Brand Excellence in Retail award" 2012 by word conference of the brand.
"Best Saudi working environment" ranked 1st in Eqtisadia newspaper list in 2012.
"Disable Children Association Award for social responsibilities "for Leave the Change Project in 2012.
"Asia’s Best Brand Awards" Singapore 2011
"Best Saudi working environment" in Eqtisadia newspaper list in 2011.
"Best management talent" in 2010 by a coalition of human resources leadership of the United Kingdom.

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