Al kabeer IN FOCUS


About Al Kabeer Group of Companies Founded in 1974, Al Kabeer has experienced solid growth in the frozen food industry to become one of the leading players in the GCC. Al Kabeer has three manufacturing facilities in both the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a total capacity of over 40,000 MT per year.

In addition, Al Kabeer boasts a strong and well established in-house distribution network, servicing more than 11,000 outlets with a fleet of over 300 vehicles and nine cold stores in the region, generating sales of about SAR 620 million in 2019. Al Kabeer, throughout three different brands, is active across a wide range of frozen foods products. The company manufactures, processes and distributes over 200 products loved by consumers across the region, including frozen processed poultry, beef, seafood, dough-based products, fruits and vegetables. It also produces popular snacks and ready-to-eat meals.


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