Companies only survive and thrive when they have a clearly defined vision. At Savola, we exist to empower, inspire and strategically guide our companies, partners, customers and employees through supportive programmes and core values. From the CEO to the employee who has just started his or her career, all Savolans play a crucial role in making that vision a reality.

We add value for investors, employees and wider society

We are a business run for people, by people. This is why Savola’s mission is to have a positive impact on society, while generating profits and growth through strategic investment in the MENA (Middle East, North Africa) region. We are uniquely equipped for this role because of our sector-specific expertise, strong track record and excellent market positioning.

In the immediate future, we will increase our focus on our core sectors (food and retail) by gradually selling investments in other industries. These funds will then be used to tap into new markets and enter higher-value product categories. For example, we acquired a majority stake in Al Kabeer (51%), one of the region’s leading frozen foods companies.

At an operational level, our goal is to gradually move toward a new model where our companies and brands have greater autonomy. We will do this by proactively providing strategic guidance and thought leadership to our companies enabling them to grow and succeed. This way, they will be able to concentrate on strengthening product marketing and branding to increase consumer loyalty in each country.

We act in accordance with our values

At Savola, ethical principles: integrity, righteousness, fulfilment and persistence – shape the way we do business. They always have and they always will. That is why we were honored to be ranked 4th in governance and transparency in the MENA region as per Standard & Poor’s,  Dow Jones, and Hawkamah Institute Index.


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